Philip started diving almost thirty years ago and after witnessing dramatic changes at sea he decided to take underwater photography as a mean to report and testify the fast changes that were occurring but also as a way to share its beauty with people that were not familiar or drawn in any to the sea. Like most good things in life, he claims they are not enjoyed the same if not shared with the people we love. 

Four years ago he finally turned the page on his previous professional activities and dedicated himself fully to the oceans and its conservation.

"I'm a firm believer that through Film & Photography, especially now with social media, we can still protect nature the way explorers and photographers helped to created parks like Yellowstone back in 1872.  Most of my professional carrier I was surrounded by well educated, maybe the best educated people on earth, PhD and MBAs everywhere. Unfortunately, one thing I noticed is that only the very few knew anything about the ocean and the importance of it.  Not to mention its beauty & magnificence. It is only through knowledge that humans can potentially care, and eventually protect"



Nov 19th 2018 Natural History Museum, London  

@CalloftheBlue book launch and fine print exhibition.


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The Guardian, Wed 21Nov 2018

"Teeming with images of spectacular underwater scenes from around the world, Call of the Blue is the culmination of a five-year project by the photographer and ocean conservationist Philip Hamilton. This groundbreaking book includes contributions from acclaimed scientists and ocean ‘guardians’, who reveal what drove them to answer the call of the blue"

Literary Review – photo extract (November 2018)

The Times  – photo extract (26 October 2018)

Telegraph – Nov 17th 2018- Photo with extended caption

DIVE Magazine- 2018-2019 Autumn Winter issue

Daily Mail 2017

Travel & Leisure 2017


The Economist 1843

DECEMBER 6TH 2018, by Samantha Weinberg

It was, he admits, a calculated decision to mix beautiful pictures with harsh words: “I’m not trying to deceive myself [by] hiding the problems and pretending that everything is perfect out there.” Yet he realised that the book would go unnoticed without beautiful photographs. “A single photo can be the most powerful conservation tool,” he says. This magnificent book is his call to arms. Let’s hope it works.

GQ Magazine, Dec 22nd, 2018

The underwater photographer who risks his life for the perfect shot. Philip Hamilton's new book 'Call Of The Blue' is a beautiful, otherworldly compendium of underwater photographs. Here, he describes the challenges – and life-threatening dangers – of getting those pictures

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Philip's  Call of the Blue published on Nov 19th 2018 in collaboration with Tom Hooper has the participation of more than 50 marines scientists and a similar number of ocean's guardians. 

Philip has spend last few years focusing on whales and large pelagic, he is one of the only photographers that has most large whales, including the Blue, on his portfolio.

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